Our process

Got an idea for your kitchen joinery, bathroom cabinetry, wardrobes, commercial fit-out, exterior joinery, timber furniture or something else? Get in touch to find out how The Custom Space can help you bring it to life.

  • Make an enquiry (call 03 548 4066 or email info@thecustomspace.co.nz).
  • We’ll pop into your home/space for a chat, measure up the area & provide an estimated quote.
  • Once you accept and provide a deposit, we lock in the job & confirm a timeframe. 
  • Time to start creating magic in the workshop!
  • Once the products are made, they’re pulled apart again and put through the spray booth (for that beautiful custom finish).
  • We inspect the final product to make sure there are no imperfections, then it’s installed/reinstalled in your home or workplace.